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To become a wholesale member (the best value!) and place and an order:

  1. Visit (FYI, my doTerra ID is 97906)
  2. Click on 'Become a Member' at the top of the page 
  3. Follow the prompts - the best value is to purchase an enrollment kit as the membership fee is free. 

My favorite enrollment kits include:

  • If your main focus is essential oils:
    • Aroma Essentials Kit, 5ml bottles of 10 of my favorite oils to diffuse, with Laluz diffuser
    • Home Essentials Kit, 10ml bottles of 10 doTerra favorites, with Petal diffuser
  • If your main focus in nutritional support, but you still want to try some of the most popular essential oils:
    • Healthy Habits Kit - include the "foundational" supplements and much more!
  • If you want to try multiple products across various doTerra product lines at a tremendous savings:
    • Natural Solutions Kit - the best value and best way to try multiple products

Renew Wellness also has a very special gift for you for enrolling. 

Email to receive it (US shipping only).